Thursday, March 3, 2011

So how's life treating you? Bringing you down?

You ever felt ugly, son? Like no one’s going to want you around? Felt like you don’t have a voice? That no one cares about anything you say? Son, have you ever felt like you aren’t needed? It’s something that knocks you down in life. You feel like giving up, and it breaks your confidence.

I, for one, can admit to having felt this way before, often all at once. The last thing I want to hear when I feel this way is verbal abuse thrown at me. It’s the type of thing you can’t ignore son.

If, in that moment, you look around, you’ll see people staring at you with their face in disgust. If you look deep in their eyes, you’ll feel a strong force against you. They’re angry. But why? Why are they angry at me? What have I done to offend them? Everything. Just existing makes them mad. Existing makes them mad, son.

Mostly though, people will just ignore you. That’s all they’re going to do. You try to say hi but they will cleanly go about, act like you’re just part of their shadow. But you know what, son? They don't matter. You go about in a world of your own with those that respect you. You go live your life and ignore those that don’t have respect for you. If people can’t accept you – wait, didn’t your mum used to say life isn’t about getting accepted by others, it’s about accepting yourself, feeling comfortable in your uh, own skin and all that jazz? That’s what you need to do, son. Go ahead and focus on your needs for a while.

So, son. What's it gonna be? You gonna let their so called popularity get to you or you gonna worry about being happy?

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